the story

My name is Arjang Parsa and I have always loved woodworking. I have been working in the high tech industry for more than 25 years. Here is my LinkedIn profile.

Since I was a kid, I started woodworking with one of my close friends for fun in his father's shop. The pandemic situation brought me back to some stuff that I really missed such as baking, reading books that I never had a chance to read, and of course, watching a lot of movies and series like many of you. One of them was woodworking which is staying with me. I think the combination of wood, leather, and metal brings beautiful and eye-catching designs.

I guess besides all the sad and dark dimensions of the COVID \ quarantine situation, this was the advantage for me or some folks like me. Since then I have been working on different projects on the weekends and here is the place I try to keep the stories and share them.