coffee table
(australian red cedar - hawaiian toon)

This is the Hawaiian toon. I bought it from one of the stores which was a bit far away from Seattle. The wood is so beautiful with two eyes; reddish brown. The problem with this wood was that it was soft and it had many cracks.  That actually made it difficult to make it flat and have it as a solid coffee table. So, I used clear epoxy to fill all the cracks. That made the whole wood much more solid and strong. I personally don't like to use epoxy. I think epoxy materials take away the natural feeling of wood. But that was an exception. I used Festool planner to make it flat and of course a lot of sanding to make it nicely smooth. In the end, I finished it with Osmo oil (double quote).

I gave this as a gift to one of my great friends and it seems that he and his awesome family liked it.  I hope that they will have a ton of joy and happiness around this coffee table.